Location: Boston, MA
Year: 2016
How pregnant: 39 weeks
First baby: Yes
Hours in labor: 11 hrs, but I was induced so the first 6-7 hours was just me hanging out, waiting for the drugs to kick-in
Delivery type: Vaginal
Medicated: Yes


Did you have a birth plan?

I did not. I heard enough stories of things not going according to plan that I thought it was worthless to make one. But mostly importantly, I am not really one to have a birth plan, too anal for my taste.

When did you know you were in labor?

I was induced. I had developed gestational diabetes during my pregnancy and towards the end of my pregnancy my blood sugar was dropping dangerously low so doctors felt that the placenta was weakening. It was also discussed early on that because of the GD I would get induced by week 40 if I didn't go into labor naturally.

What happened before you went to the hospital?

My induction was planned so I had breakfast and went! The night before I just took care of last minute details.

What happened first when you got to the hospital?

I got to the hospital around 8:30am (after calling to make sure that they had room and time for me, which was standard procedure). We were in a waiting area with a lot of other preggos, most of which were having scheduled C-sections. We waited for a really long time before we (my husband and I) were finally taken to a room. I was hooked up to monitor the baby’s heartbeat for about an hour before I was given any pitocin. By the time I got pitocin, it was close to 2pm.

What did contractions feel like?

I started having minor contractions that didn't really phase me. They felt like a mild nuisance, slight cramp. After about an hour of this, my water started to break. At that point the doctor came and manually broke my water. Up until this point, that was the most painful thing: the doctor's "let me see how things are progressing" checkups.  

After my water fully broke I started getting much more painful cramps. They honestly felt like a terrible period that stops and kicks up again on a very frequent interval. I knew I wanted an epidural so after about 30 minutes of this I was like "get me the drugs!"

It was the type of pain that makes you want to curl up into a ball in your pjs in front of the TV eating chocolate and ice cream.

If you got an epidural, how did that work? Was it what you expected?

I requested an epidural after my contractions became 2-3 minutes apart. I expected the injection to numb my back to be very painful but I don't recall it hurting much. The big surprise to me was how my body reacted post epidural, I started shaking uncontrollably and was told that if was normal. What sucks about the epidural is that once you get it, you're stuck in bed. Kinda also true if you're induced, although slightly more mobile in the latter.

What happened immediately after your baby was born?

After my baby was born, he was cleaned and placed in my chest. The doctor was also giving me stitches. To be honest I was so exhausted by this point and so kinda “ahhhhh I had a baby” that I had no idea what was happening around me. But he was on my chest for at least an hour.

Anything else you want to add?

I didn't do labor and delivery classes and I don't regret it. I had one nurse that was fantastic and talked me through the whole thing. I had another nurse that was slightly rude. It's ok to demand what you want (she didn't want my sister to come in). They also say you poop, if I did, I have no fricking idea, so don't let that be the worry in your head.

Final question: How would you describe this delivery in one sentence?

Smooth and fast-ish but tiring as hell!

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