#6: Surge of Love


Location: Alexandria, VA
Year: 2011
How pregnant: 39 weeks, 5 days
First baby: Yes
Hours in labor: 10
Delivery type: Vaginal with instruments (i.e. forceps or vacuum extraction)
Medicated: Yes

Did you have a birth plan?

I did not. My doctor and midwife influenced this decision: it seemed unnecessary.

When did you know you were in labor?

My water broke while I was folding laundry, right before I was heading out the door to go to a doctor appointment. It wasn't a ton of water, but felt like a peed myself a little.

What happened before you went to the hospital?

I went ahead to my doctor appointment where they verified my water was broken. I was then able to skip triage at INOVA Alexandria and be admitted to a delivery room right away.

What happened first when you got to the hospital?

I got a room right away. My doctor had called ahead, so they were prepared for me. That was the easiest part!

What did contractions feel like?

It felt like muscle cramps. They got progressively stronger to the point I needed the epidural. I wanted to wait as long as possible to get the medicines as I wanted to be able to walk as long as possible. I got the epidural when I was approximately 7 cm. dilated.

If you got an epidural, how did that work? Was it what you expected?

It took the pain away, but I was still able to push. Putting in the epidural was the scariest part. I wasn't prepared for the "if something goes wrong" conversation from the anesthesiologist. He had no bedside manner and scared me to death. I almost changed my mind. But we went ahead and he had to do it twice to get it right. I totally hated that guy: the worst!

If your labor had an unexpected intervention (i.e. emergency C-section or forceps) how and why did that happen?

They had to use a vacuum extractor because my son's head came out about two-thirds of the way on each push, but kept going back in. And his heart rate was dropping. I thought we were heading for the operating room.

The vacuum just kept him out enough that the next two pushes for him all the way out. It turned out his umbilical cord was wrapped around his shoulder. I think many other OBs would have done a C-section, but my OB stuck with it and all went well.

What happened immediately after your baby was born?

The cleaned him up a bit right there in the room and I got to hold him. It was amazing. I don't really know what I expected, but it was a surge of true love for this new little being that we made! He latched on pretty easily. Other than the scare of the delivery issue, and the terrible anesthesiologist, it was great.

Final question: How would you describe this delivery in one sentence?

A bump or two but overall I'd call mine an easy delivery.


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