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Why Do You Need This? Glad You Asked…

Find What You Can't Google

Many licensed childcare providers have a minimal (or nonexistent!) presence online, and can often only be found through word-of-mouth or neighborhood list-servs. We find who they are, where they are, how much they cost and more.

Avoid Phone Tag

Finding out basic information on how much a daycare costs, what hours it's open and if there's a waiting list can require playing phone tag to get the director on the line. We help you apply and manage wait-lists online.

Save Your Money

The cost of daycare can vary by as much as $100 to $200 per week in the same neighborhood. That means you can save $5,000 to $10,000 per year by shopping around!

Understand The Quality

(COMING SOON!) Licensed childcare providers are inspected by state and city governments. We can help you understand the context of the inspection reports, and see which violations matter.

Save Your Time

All of this information is in an easy-to-use, phone-friendly location. Don't waste your time waiting on hold to get basic information or digging through the depths of Google / your neighborhood list-serv.

Save Your Sanity

Being a new parent is tough already, trying to find the right childcare for you and your family makes it even harder. Save a little sanity and make the process of finding childcare easier and as efficient as possible.